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Serpentine – the enchanting beauty of the Urals

Niels Bohr, the Danish theoretical physicist, said that he did not believe that the horseshoe brings good luck, but he heard that it helps even those who do not believe in it. I feel about the same way about serpentine. On the one hand, esotericism is not close to me, but on the other, having read in my childhood stories about the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, such stones as serpentine and malachite evoke admiration and existential awe in me. And not for nothing, because what the inhabitants of the Urals created from this stone leads to delight!

На модели браслет с змеевиком

I think we should start with the title. Serpentinite is the Russian (almost folk), or rather the Ural name of the stone serpentinite. Notably, serpentinite is derived from the Latin “serpens,” which means “snake.


It is worth knowing that serpentinite has many types. Therefore, we can say that serpentinite is a type of serpentinite.

На фото браслеты с яшмой и змеевиком

Serpentine is a dark green rock with a characteristic pattern that resembles the skin of a snake. Its color, luster, and relative softness have made this mineral a sought-after jewelry and ornamental material since ancient times:


  • In Europe, more than 400 years ago, serpentine served as the material for table tops and apothecary vessels.
  • In Russia, it was used to cover the interiors of palaces and to create the world-famous Florentine mosaic. And in Gatchina and Pavlovsk palaces there were serpentine services.
  • In the Urals, serpentine was used to make the so-called “mountain flax” – a fireproof material that served as armor. An interesting story has come down to this day. Peter I was a guest of Demidov and saw a soiled tablecloth of “mountain linen” thrown into the fire, and then pulled out clean!

На фото браслеты с гематитом и змеевиком

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Thanks to archaeological research, we know that the first serpentine jewelry is more than 5,000 years old:

  • Jewelry finds in China in the 3rd century BC,
  • About 1,000 years ago, Native Americans used serpentine for ceremonies.

In Europe, however, this mineral only became popular in the 16th century.

By the way, there are two interesting legends about the appearance of serpentine:


  1. Biblical. It says that Adam, having choked on the apple of knowledge, spat it out: so the stump turned into a serpentine.
  2. Uralskaya. The inhabitants of the Urals have a legend that the gems of extraordinary beauty are guarded by a serpent, the Great Poloz, who from time to time sheds his skin. So, serpentine is the fossilized skin of the great serpent.

На модели браслеты с нефритом, змеевиком и яшмой

The largest deposits of serpentine:


  • Ural,
  • Siberia,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • North Caucasus,
  • U.S,
  • New Zealand,
  • Cuba,
  • Italy,
  • Mongolia,
  • Afghanistan.

На фото браслет Чан Лу с шунгитом, змеевиком, содалитом, кошачьим глазом и агатом

How to distinguish between coil and imitation?


On the one hand, most types of serpentine are relatively inexpensive, so it makes no sense to fake them. However, it is quite difficult to distinguish from a fake, because the main difference is the density.


If we talk about plastic, you need to know the size and volume of the original bead and calculate its density. And then relate it to the sample.


In the case of glass, you can’t do that either, because the density of coil and glass is about the same.

На фото браслет Чан Лу с кахолонгом и змеевиком

Therefore, UNA experts recommend buying jewelry with serpentine only from proven sellers who provide a guarantee and the possibility of returning the goods.

All jewelry is made from natural stones individually to your measurements.


Branded 1 year warranty (return/exchange).


Contact us on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram by phone number +79229338888, we will make a selection of stones for you with a photo / video, talk in detail about their properties and together we will create a unique design of your product.


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